Harjase OÜ
Ermistu küla, Tõstamaa vald, 99105 Pärnumaa
Registrikood: 11061766
KMKR: EE100933491
E-mail: info@harjase.ee
Tel: +372 503 5499


Harjase OÜ on Eesti kapitalil põhinev ettevõte, mis asutati 2004. aastal. Oleme saavutanud jõudsa ja stabiilse arengu tänu meie heade koostööpartnerite usaldusele ning edukale koostööle. Harjase - siia kuuluvad mehed, kes omavad tehnilisi teadmisi ja oskavad teha tulemuslikult tööd.


Harjase OÜ was founded in October 2004 and was added to the commercial register on 29 October 2004.

The company was founded by two brothers and it is based on Estonian capital. Like many things in this world, the birth of this company took place thanks to coincidences. The reason for founding the company was not a brilliant business plan, but an opportunity to buy our first very own work machine at an affordable price. Our first services were excavation, loading and planning works with a backhoe loader. During the first months of activity, we could see that this kind of a service had a wide market and it gave us the courage to consider expanding the business. So, in 2005, the next machine was acquired.

In 2006, new services were added to the company’s area of activities. Since then we have built access roads for land lots, and we have also performed construction works of water pressure pipelines and sewers.

We already understood during our first year of activity that it was important to collaborate with companies providing similar types of services. So, now we have a good cooperation with Tekamer OÜ regarding larger earthworks and with Mertex Mets OÜ in the field of forestry works.

In the long run, our purpose is to improve the reputation of Harjase as a brand. Harjase consists of men who have technical knowledge and know how to work effectively!